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I remember when we first started carrying leather a few years ago.  It was exactly this time of year, in the dog days of summer. I had never worked with leather before, but I spent a lot of time researching, learning, and listening to people who knew better than I how to use it. It wasn't long before I was spending all of my time and money on creating cool leather bracelets. Now every time Fall starts rolling around, I feel like getting out my mallet and my rivets and making some new leather pieces. If you have never worked with leather in your jewelry making adventures before, you MUST try it. We even gathered some free downloadable leather projects to help you out.


             What Do I Do With Leather?  How Do I Use Leather to Create Jewelry?

To get started, you need to know the different types of leather.  The above picture shows a bracelet I made using oversized TierraCast links with 10mm flat leather woven through them.  Flat leather can be handled in that manner.  It can also be used more simply.  You can embellish it with rivets and links and other items of your choice. The picture to the left demonstrates how great a TierraCast leather strap looks with a hook clasp and a few barrel beads.  Using flat leather in this way allows you to create a simple, sleek piece that can be worn on its own or layered with other pieces. 

A huge trend right now is working with leather cording to create beaded and woven designs with links and charms.  You can do that with simple knotting techniques or by creating a leather wrap bracelet.  Or you can create something like the TierraCast Dulce Vida bracelet project. This stylish project uses 2mm leather cord with large hole gemstone beads and a TierraCast button for closure.  This project is one of those that you can crank out in about 10 minutes and offer your customers (or yourself) in a million different colorways.  

You will find that once you have learned some basics about knotting and applying rivets, eyelets, etc. that making leather jewelry is extremely easy, fun, and affordable.  I think you will also find that even once you know the basic techniques, there is always something fun to learn about this versatile material.  I would love to hear about your favorite leather projects!

The Dulce Vida at Auntie's Beads

Hello again and TGIF!  It has been a great week here.  We have added a ton of new products; we even added a What's New category page so you can quickly and easily see our Power Buy products.  "What's a power buy?", you ask... Well, you can find out more about that here.  Essentially, it is our [...]

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A TidBit About NibBits

Yesterday, I checked in to introduce you all to a few of our new Czech glass beads: the GemDuo, the Nib-Bit, and the Matubo Rivoli.  I had not yet discovered the plethora of new projects available from the wonderfully talented Nela Kábelová when I wrote that post, so let's explore the beauty of the Nib-Bits a bit more today, [...]

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New Product Update

One of the many things I have always loved about working in the bead business is that there is always something new.  Whether I am learning a new stitch or technique or playing around with a new material, boredom is definitely not part of my day.  Because I have the benefit of working closely with [...]

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A Bead Dream Come True

Hi there everybody!  My name is Shanna Steele and I have worked for Auntie's Beads for the better part of a dozen years now.  I spent the most amount of time working in the design department with Karla (who many of you know as Karla Kam), but I have done a lot of work behind the [...]

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Beading Videos are Back!

Our popular Karla Kam videos are back on our website, under the Videos section.  Actually they never went anywhere.  The complete beading video library is on our YouTube Channel, where some of our oldies but goodies have had over 1 million views!   What we've done today is begin to embed some key titles related to seed bead [...]

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Seed Beads Direct is Born

Welcome to the all new Seed Beads Direct!  I'm Ron Henderson, President of Wholesale and Direct Sales.  For over 17 years, we've operated as Auntie's Beads. But times change, and we feel the industry is well served with broad offering web sites and we believe our best way to serve you is to specialize and [...]

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New! Rullas by the Tube

Our Rulla Economy Packs, which are 50 gram bags, have been popular for some time now.  We've now added 24 gram Rulla Tubes to our online assortment of Matubo products.  This gives you the option of buying in somewhat smaller quantities, while still getting a great value on over 100 Rulla colors and finishes.  Enjoy!

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Half A Dozen New Projects Added

We just added half a dozen new FREE, downloadable projects and patterns!For the SuperDuo lovers out there, we have two projects that will teach you new techniques.  The first is a spiral rope that can be made into a bracelet or necklace; the second, Night Out on the Town, teaches you how to make netted beaded beads out of [...]

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Tassels + Tilas + TierraCast = A Trendy Pair of Earrings!

In case you have missed on of the biggest trends in the jewelry making industry, we are here to tell you tassels are everywhere!  If you want to create your own customizable tassel to incorporate your designs, this new project from TierraCast will teach you how.  You can use colored cord or even embroidery thread with a [...]

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