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SuperDuos Woven Ring | VIDEO

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This item is not for sale and is for online viewing only.  Expand the Product Videos bar to view this video online.  This video is free to watch online and is not available for purchase.  For all our free beading instructional videos, visit our YouTube Channel.

Product Videos

Snake Skin Bracelet with Super Duos - Karla Kam 18:45

Click below to purchase the tools and materials used in this video - http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Snake-Skin-Bracelet-with-Super-Duos-_p_29961.html http://www.auntiesbeads.com/- I was searching for SuperDuo designs when I came across this bracelet on Pinterest! It took a few different times to figure out how it was done, but I really love it! The most fun was all of the different color combinations that I came up with! The pattern is not hard, but a bit tedious, there are a few steps involved, but the result is a beautiful pattern that mimics a snake skin pattern. I am going to include the colorways I came up with, but would also love to see what you all come up with. I am using two different colors of the Duos, one color for the spine and another for the outer with a coordinating color in an 8/0 seed bead too. - Karla Schafer, Designer at Auntie's Beads Video sample: Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Sapphire, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Sapphire-10-grams_p_24203.html Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Chalk Sliperit, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Chalk-Sliperit-10-grams_p_25642.html 8/0 Matte White Miyuki Seed Beads: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/80-Matte-White-Miyuki-Seed-Beads_p_18435.html Antique Gold Pewter 16mm Lined Toggle: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Antique-Gold-Pewter-16mm-Lined-Toggle_p_22226.html Gold Plated 6mm Split Rings, 25pc: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Gold-Plated-6mm-Split-Rings-25pc_p_17433.html Supplemax, .012 in, 50M WHITE: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Supplemax-012-in-50M-WHITE_p_3421.html Colorway #2: Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Crystal Magic Violet-Grey, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Crystal-Magic-Violet-Grey-10-grams_p_24182.html Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Lila Luster, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Lila-Luster-10-grams_p_24514.html 8/0 Matte Tr Smoky Amethyst AB Miyuki Seed Beads: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/80-Matte-Tr-Smoky-Amethyst-AB-Miyuki-Seed-Beads_p_18441.html Colorway #3: Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuo Seed Beads, Neon Violet, 10 Grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuo-Seed-Beads-Neon-Violet-10-Grams_p_25745.html Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuo Seed Beads, Neon Petrol, 10 Grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuo-Seed-Beads-Neon-Petrol-10-Grams_p_25748.html 8/0 Raspberry Lined Crystal AB Miyuki Seed Beads: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/80-Raspberry-Lined-Crystal-AB-Miyuki-Seed-Beads_p_18423.html Colorway #4: Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Chalk Blue Luster, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Chalk-Blue-Luster-10-grams_p_25645.html Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Chalk Lazure Blue, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Chalk-Lazure-Blue-10-grams_p_25459.html 8/0 Matte Tr Gray AB Miyuki Seed Beads: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/80-Matte-Tr-Gray-AB-Miyuki-Seed-Beads_p_20359.html Colorway #5: Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Jet Red Luster, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Jet-Red-Luster-10-grams_p_24196.html Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Chalk Senegal Brown-Purple, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Chalk-Senegal-Brown-Purple-10-grams_p_24187.html 8/0 Met Olive Miyuki Seed Beads: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/80-Met-Olive-Miyuki-Seed-Beads_p_18459.html Colorway #6: Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Jet Copper, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Jet-Copper-10-grams_p_25932.html Czech Glass 2.5x5mm SuperDuos, Chalk Dark Travertine, 10 grams: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Czech-Glass-25x5mm-SuperDuos-Chalk-Dark-Travertine-10-grams_p_25891.html 8/0 Matte Tr Root Beer Miyuki Seed Beads: http://www.auntiesbeads.com/80-Matte-Tr-Root-Beer-Miyuki-Seed-Beads_p_317.html

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