• We now have no specific start and end dates for Power Buy cycles.  Power Buy inbound shipments come up to 3 times per week to save you wait time.  Power Buy items usually ship within 5 - 10 business days, subject to supplier backorders.


Power Buys™ are a brand new approach to sourcing your beads and jewelry supplies offered exclusively by Auntie's Beads Direct. The goal of Power Buys™ is to bring you the largest possible selection at the lowest possible wholesale-to-the-public price. We do this by special arrangement with key suppliers, offering a "catalog of catalogs" online, sold mostly on a pre-order basis. This allows us to bring you major brand bead products at a fraction of the usual retail cost, typically 50% less than most non-sale prices at other web sites. And perhaps best of all, you don't have to wait for a sale. Power Buy™ 50% off pricing is available 24/7.  

What's more is you really don't have to wait that long to receive your pre-order items. We operate on regular buying cycles for which you typically wait only 10 - 15 business days for your pre-order products to ship.** (If you need products right away, shop our In Stock section or see what's On Sale Now). 

Hot, new products are added every week to our Power Buy cycles. We are able to bring you the newest, trendiest beads and jewelry making supplies directly from the manufacturer or distributor to you.  Instead of waiting for us to place an initial order of a new product line, check it in, stock our shelves, and notify you about the line (all of which can take weeks), we activate these products for pre-order immediately upon release.

How do Power Buys Work?

Anywhere you see the following message on our website, you are getting a power buy:

PRE-ORDER only, order by XX/XX/XXXX for shipping by XX/XX/XXXX (see sample screen shot below below):
Thenn just place the item in your cart and proceed through checkout as usual.
All items ordered by 11:59pm on Saturday will be ordered by us as a group order and shipped to you starting on the following Friday.**  This is a turnaround of only 5 - 10 days.  
With the power of Power Buys,™ you can get beads and components that may not be available elsewhere on the web OR that may be offered at a wholesale price that you can't find elsewhere on the web, at least not without buying directly from wholesale sites that have a lengthy account approval process, hefty minimum order sizes, and large MOQ's (minimum order quantities). Buy like the pros with Power Buys!   

* Terms and conditions apply.  Items and quantities subject to partner supplier availability. Prepayment required for Power Buy Preorders. Orders with a combination of in stock and pre-order items will be held until all pre-orders arrive.