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#PDF-507 - Leather and Drops Necklace by Susie Henderson

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You can use other colors of sea glass to switch this up a bit. Just make sure you have a good pair of sharp tweezers. This piece is perfect for every season.

Fully illustrated downloadable instructions in PDF form. This project uses the following materials:


1.  Cut 30" of cord.  Find the middle of the cord,  Using Tweezers, push the cord through the top hole of the connector and make a larks head knot.
2.  Using tweezers to push through the cord, alternate Tibetan beads and sea glass, 3 on each side.
3.  Cut 6" of cord, Using tweezers, push through the bottom hole of the connector and make a larks head knot.
4.  Cut the cord to desired length, one shorter than the other.
5.  Add Crimp leather ends to each end of short cord.
6.  Add to the head pin 1 3mm bead, silver bead and 1 3mm bead.  Wire wrap around the end of the leather crimp.
7.  Use the split ring and drop the silver bar.
8.  Add 3mm silver, sea glass and 3mm silver on head pin and wire wrap to end of leather crimp.
9.  On other crimp end, add 3mm silver, Tibetan bead, 3mm silver, to head pin and wire wrap to crimp end.
10.  Use jump ring to attach crystal drop to crimp end.
11.  On head pin, add 3mm silver, silver bead and 3mm silver and wire wrap to leather crimp end.
12.  To finish necklace, Use leather crimp ends on each side of the long cord. 

The colors the designer used are listed in the PDF, but we welcome you to shop our entire selection of beads to find the colors you like best!

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