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Save $2.44 USD
AB-1029 - Antique Silver Earring Finding With Inner Loop,39x31mm | Pkg 6
#PDF-486 - Bugle Boardwalk Bracelet
Save $2.09 USD
AB-0374 - Silver Beads,Bali Style,4x5mm | Pkg 25
Save $0.78 USD
AB-0188 - Antique Copper 3mm Multi-Sided Metal Beads | Pkg 100
Save $0.78 USD
AB-0187 - Gold Metal Beads,Pewter 3mm Multi-Sided Metal Beads | Pkg 100
#PDF-338 - SuperDuo Ombre Rope Necklace Project by Susan Sassoon
Save $2.39 USD
AB-0194 - Silver Beads, Pewter 3mm Cubes | Pkg 50
Save $0.70 USD
AB-1053 - Antique Silver Filigree Diamond Jewelry Connector, 22x28 | Pkg 6
Save $5.09 USD
SS/3011/2X2 - Sterling Silver Crimp Beads, 2 x 2mm | Pkg 25
Save $1.95 USD
AB-0517 - Silver Pewter Hammered Diamond Toggle With Curved Bar,22mm | Pkg 2 Sets
Save $2.44 USD
AB-915 - Antique Brass 8mm Twisted Rings | Pkg 50
Save $1.35 USD
AB-0068 - Antique Silver Pewter Puffy Long Heart Pendant,13x27mm | Pkg 5

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