After a brief hiatus while we worked out details for line coverage of this great brand, Beadalon stringing wire is back online at AB Direct.  Check out the chart below for recommended uses of the various wire diameters, and remember that the more wire strands (e.g. 49-strand wire), the more your wire will drape and remain flexible.  

A few more tips:

  • Use the largest diameter wire possible that will pass through the smallest bead hole in your design.
  • Choose the type of wire that matches your design needs: does it need to drape or does it need to maintain stiffness?
  • Use Wire Guardians to minimize the effects of abrasion around the clasp.
  • Use Bead Bumpers between crystal and glass beads to cushion and protect from contact and wear. 
September 08, 2016 — Adam Henderson

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