My love affair with beads and bling began in 1995 with a gift.  The Mommy Bracelet was a new concept at that time and, as a proud mother, I was in love.  After living on my arm for weeks, the wear and tear came calling.  This piece of art that I wore so proudly, needed love and attention.

In 1995, the internet was still in its infancy.  YouTube was a concept waiting to be birthed by a then 18 year old.  Where to go to re-string this beauty?  I went to the Dallas World Trade Market.

Walking into this massive structure was overwhelming.  I timidly walked to the front desk hoping not to get kicked out.  The person behind the desk held all the power to giving me access or telling me to take a hike.  No, I told her, I do not have a business.  No, again, I do not have a resale license.  I just want to find someone to help me with this.  I pulled out my bracelet to show her.  One moment, she said.  She went to the phone,  spoke briefly and hung up.  Handing me a badge, I was told I had a 1 day pass to go only to the 7th floor.   She handed me the showroom number and I was in!

It was thrilling to ride up in the open elevator to the 7th floor, an incredible view of products you see every day at the mall.  I got off the elevator and went directly to the showroom, just as I was told.  Walking in, I was overwhelmed.  The colors and shapes of beads, the finished pieces, the boxes and boxes of findings, I was in heaven.  I met David, the owner, and showed him my piece.  With the direction of this kind owner, I was able to learn the basics of restringing.  After seeing my piece, he decided to offer the letter beads in sterling silver.  I like to think that my bracelet had something to do with that.  

After just a few weeks, I had my business name, my resale license and  was creating sterling silver Mother's Bracelet's, the beginning of the journey for Auntie's Beads.  My husband, of now 37 years, started our website in 2000.  We began filling our orders out of our garage, moving into the sun room of our home just a few weeks later and then an old bank building in historic downtown Grapevine, Texas. These years have been filled with joy, excitement and lots of love.  We have been so blessed to do what we love and share the love of this craft. 

We now embark on our latest chapter, as our web site is relaunched as a wholesale to the public site, offering unbeatable bulk pricing discounts.  As a part of our transition our daughter, Courtney (the third strand of my bracelet!), is taking over our order fulfillment and warehouse operations, while my husband Ron and I begin to ever so gradually move into semi-retirement! 

Thanks for all the fun and we hope you like the new Auntie's Beads Direct better than ever. 

May 28, 2018 — Susie Henderson

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