Fun and easy to learn, the Even Count Peyote Stitch is one of the most popular beginner bead-weaving stitches. 

Add a stopper bead to your thread by stringing on one bead and passing through it a second time. This will keep your beads from sliding away from you while you work.

String on an even number of beads. They will become row one and row two of your project.

Pick up one bead and pass through the next to last bead.

The bead just added stacks on top of the bead at the end of row one.


Add another bead to your thread, skip over one bead and pass through the next bead.

This bead stacks on the second bead of row one. Note how row two appears offset as the third row is added.

Pick up another bead and skipping over one bead, pass through the last bead before the stop bead.

Pick up a bead to begin the fourth row.



Pass through the last bead of row three. You may now remove the stopper bead since you no longer need it to hold your work together.

Add a bead to your thread and pass through the next bead in row three.

Pick up a new bead an stitch through the last bead on row three.

To begin the fifth row, add a bead to the thread and pass through the last bead added from row four.


Continue stitching in this manner until you have reached the desired length.