Flower Power Earrings Project PDF

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Designer:  Karla Maynor

Creating asymmetrical earrings is so much fun. There are just so many possibilities!  This pair is special because instead of having beads dangle from the connectors, they are themselves elevated. These earrings are sure to be a hit!

Get complete illustrated, downloadable instructions to make this jewelry project, plus all the materials needed to make it, available as a one-click purchase!  The project instructions are free with any product purchase.  We've set up the bundle to have more than enough of each item to complete the project (you will have leftover product; this is not a kit).  If you already have some items, you can always remove them from your bundle.

This product includes fully-illustrated, downloadable instructions in PDF form. This earrings PDF requires the following materials:
  1. ST-MFP2833S - Antique Silver Open Flower Connector, 23mm | Four pieces

  2. EP24/200S - Silver Plated 2 Inch Eye Pins, 22 Gauge | One piece

  3. HP/200S - Silver Plated Head Pins,2 Inch, 21 Gauge | One piece

  4. JR/032X4X6S - Silver Plated Oval Jump Rings | Five pieces

  5. BSB/3S - Silver Plated Beads, 3mm | Two pieces

  6. JW102S - Silver Plated Ear Wire With Front Loop, 21 Gauge | One pair

  7. GM-5739 - Mosaic Composite Howlite Gemstone Beads, Dusty Pink, 10mm | Two pieces