Yesterday, I checked in to introduce you all to a few of our new Czech glass beads: the GemDuo, the Nib-Bit, and the Matubo Rivoli.  I had not yet discovered the plethora of new projects available from the wonderfully talented Nela Kábelová when I wrote that post, so let's explore the beauty of the Nib-Bits a bit more today, shall we?

There are two similar projects I came across that I absolutely adore.  

Viracocha Earrings ProjectThe first is the Viracocha Earrings.  This simple yet stunning design incorporates Nib-Bits, MiniDuos, and seed beads in an open weave round design that could be worn as is or could be the base of a Rivoli embellishment.  I could also see making several of these and turning them into a funky cuff-style bracelet.  Any way you choose to recreate this pattern, it is sure to be amazing!

Rani BraceletThe other project I love is the Rani Bracelet.  When you first see this design, you may think it is just an open weave bracelet, but the designer gives you the option to add embellished 8mm cabochons to the top of the bracelet and that just takes it to a whole new level of sophistication.  Like the Viracocha earrings, this project only requires Nib-Bits, MiniDuos, and a few different seed beads.  You could even match the colors so the bracelet coordinates with the earrings!

Groom Lake PendantIn addition to these 2 projects, I am also really digging how these cool new Czech glass beads were turned into design elements.  If you have never given yourself the opportunity to make your own donut pendant, try the Groom Lake Pendant project.  Using a combination of Matubo and Miyuki beads, you will be able to quickly create a very unique centerpiece for a beaded or chain necklace design.  Similarly, adding your own beaded beads to your design projects will give you an edge over other jewelry designers.  The Technical Beaded Bead project, for example, shows you exactly how to weave beads around a wood or acrylic core bead to create something else entirely.  You can use these beaded beads in bracelet, necklace, and earring designs.

So... We wanna know... Have you created anything with these new Nib-Bit beads?  If so, we would love to hear from you!  Send us your pictures and/or tell us what you have been working on.  Which Nib-Bit project is your favorite?

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