Tis the Season for Leather by Shanna Steele

Now every time Fall starts rolling around, I feel like getting out my mallet and my rivets and making some new leather pieces. If you have never worked with leather in your jewelry making adventures before, you MUST try it. We even gathered some free downloadable leather projects to help you out.
August 16, 2017 — Adam Henderson

The Dulce Vida at Auntie's Beads by Shanna Steele

Want a pair of super sassy earrings? Want to make them with some homemade tassel dangles? Well, look no further.
A TidBit About NibBits by Shanna Steele

A TidBit About NibBits by Shanna Steele

If you have never given yourself the opportunity to make your own donut pendant, try the Groom Lake Pendant project.  Using a combination of Matubo and Miyuki beads, you will be able to quickly create a very unique centerpiece for a beaded or chain necklace design.
A Bead Dream Come True by Shanna Steele

A Bead Dream Come True by Shanna Steele

The August/September 2017 issue of Beadwork magazine featured former Auntie's Beads employee (and favorite daughter-in-law of co-founders Ron and Susie Henderson), Shanna Steele.  Creativity runs in the family! 
July 11, 2017 — Adam Henderson

Tools, C-Lon and Artistic Wire Now Available! by Shanna Steele

C-Lon thread and cord is top of the line when it comes to beadweaving and other craft applications.  Check out this summary of our extensive line, which we offer in all available colors and sizes at discount prices.

Licorice Leather is HERE!!! by Shanna Steele

Such a trendy item and so many requests... How could it have taken us this long to add licorice leather to our ever-expanding line of products?  Well, have no fear.  It is...