Five Great Beading Products to Get You Excited to Bead

Five Great Beading Products to Get You Excited to Bead

We think these five varied yet versatile beading products will give you the extra inspiration you need to get really excited to bead. 

New Silky Beads Have Arrived!

New This Week - Over 200 New Silky Beads!

silky beadsThis week's new arrival at ABD is huge and it's one we are particularly excited about.  If you're not already beading with them, these tiny diamond-shaped treasures are called Silky Beads and they are a great way to lend your designs a unique look.  
Czech glass silky beads are diamond-shaped two-hole beads that come in two different sizes - 5mm and 6mm - and 40 different colors.  The hole is drilled diagonally which gives it that groovy diamond shape.  Additionally, the two sides of the bead are different.  One side is flat while on the other side, there is a ridge.  At 0.8mm, they have a fairly large hole size, as well.

June 20, 2018 — Adam Henderson

Silky and Pip Have Arrived by Shanna Steele

Hooray!  Silky and Pip are here!  Although they sound like characters from a children's book or people from some faraway land, Silky and Pip are really cool Czech glass beads!...