Hooray!  Silky and Pip are here!  Although they sound like characters from a children's book or people from some faraway land, Silky and Pip are really cool Czech glass beads!  

Silky beads are 6mm diamond shaped 2-hole beads that can be used in a variety of weaving patterns.  Just to get you started, we added a few today, including one of my favorites: the Silky Circlets Bracelet project.

Pip beads are by Preciosa and are petal 5x7mm petal shaped beads with a single hole drilled through the top; they make excellent flowers when woven together.  Take a look at the Pips Flowers Earrings project to see what I mean.  If you are all about Kumihimo, you will love the Kumihimo bracelet project using Pip beads.  Want to try something a little more difficult?  I am dying to make the Fish Scales bracelet.

That's all for now, but I promise there is a lot more coming... :-)

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