If you have never heard of True 2s, you are probably not going to get too excited about my announcement that we are offering True 2s for sale.  But if you have ever worked with Czech glass fire polish beads, you should get pretty excited about my announcement that True 2s have arrived.  And here's why...

You know how sometimes you are working on a woven piece and you need a 2mm bead to fit right into a space, but your fire polish beads won't work?  It's because fire polish bead measurements are taken in width, not in length.  So a typical 2mm fire polish bead, for example, is 2mm wide but closer to 3mm long.  (I can't even begin to count how many frustrations I have heard from customers over the years about this.)  Not a problem anymore!  True 2s - as the name would suggest - are actual 2mm beads.  No more guessing, ripping work apart, getting frustrated and searching for a REAL 2mm bead.  See: I told you you would be excited!

To celebrate the fact that we are offering True 2s, I have added a couple of really cool projects using these glass beads.  One is the Carousel Beaded Bead Project, which is hot off the press and also features the versatile and popular Czech glass Honeycombs.  The other free PDF is the It's A Wrap Bracelet, which layers True 2s on top of O Beads.  Very cool!

April 29, 2016 — Adam Henderson

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