Matubo Duo Beads Chart

Matubo Duo Beads ChartUse this handy bead chart to find out how many duo beads you can expect to receive in each 25 gram bag! Now when you buy Matubo Superduos, Miniduos, Gemduos and Paisleyduos, you'll know the quantity you can expect to get. These counts are, of course, approximate, but they should be pretty darn close!



Much Ado About Two-Hole Beads

Much Ado About Two-Hole Beads

Much Ado About Two-Hole BeadsTwo-hole beads have been around for a while and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Their unique structure and versatility make them especially ideal for multiple forms of beadwork. Add to this the beautiful array of colors and lovely textures and you can totally understand how the enthusiasm surrounding two-hole beads is practically a frenzy. Beading with two-hole beads is certainly no fleeting trend. 

Seed Bead Packaging Chart

Seed Beads ChartOne of the most common questions we get here at Auntie's Beads Direct is just how many beads am I getting in a seed beads package? Well, now that's super easy to find out because we've created this colorfully helpful bar graph!
February 28, 2019 — Adam Henderson

Seed Beads Direct Is Born by Ron Henderson

Welcome to the all new Seed Beads Direct!  I'm Ron Henderson, President of Wholesale and Direct Sales.  For over 17 years, we've operated as Auntie's Beads. But times change, and...
November 21, 2016 — Adam Henderson