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What Good Are Two-Hole Beads, Anyway?

Two-hole beads have been around for a while and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Their unique structure and versatility make them especially ideal for multiple forms of beadwork. Add to this the beautiful array of colors and lovely textures and you can totally understand how the enthusiasm surrounding two-hole beads is practically a frenzy. Beading with two-hole beads is certainly no fleeting trend. 

As their name suggests, two-hole beads feature a pair of holes as opposed to more conventional one-hole beads. Not only does this lend the bead a more substantial look and feel, but it also means that beaders can opt to make their second pass through the opposing hole rather than passing back through the same channel twice. And that's just one example having to do with bead stitching. Two-hole beads can be incorporated into your designs using many of your favorite beading techniques including right-angle weave, wire-wrapping, peyote stitch, brick stitch, herringbone stitch and more. 

Matubo Superduo BeadsAs you might imagine, there are also many different types of two-hole beads. Twin beads are popular for their compatibility with a more free-form style of beading and their typically more affordable price point. Matubo's line of duo beads - from Superduos & Miniduos to Gemduos & Paisleyduos - earned their following by delivering a more precise, balanced finished product. While it will come down to your preferred style of beadwork, duo beads do make a compelling argument for themselves. We know that Matubo beads are precisely cut. This comes from the fact that they are pressed, rather than being formed by a tumbling process. Who wants to buy a package of beads only to have to cull through them to find the ones that will work well enough? You'll end up having to toss the rest into that bargain bead bowl you've always promised you'll use to make something stunning out of one of these days (you know you have one). 

Papillon Beaded BeadThe Czech glass pressing technology (for which Matubo is very well-known - their family, the Maturas, is heir to the inventor of automatic glass beads pressing) is what gives Matubo beads that "perfect lustre" they take such pride in. They are formed using colored glass and then given a coating, leading to a much wider palette of colors to choose from than twin beads. It all means you're getting quality beads that are perfectly uniform, substantial and durable. Both of these types of two-hole beads are elongated Czech glass beads. Superduos measure 2.5mm wide by 5mm long, so they're much more substantial than your typical seed bead. Despite that, these friendly beads love to work together and with their seed bead cousins. Matubo duo beads, in particular, are guaranteed to have size and shape consistency perfect for multi-row beaded necklaces and bracelets. Three-dimensional designs like beaded beads are an ideal fit as well.

However you choose to do your bead stitching, weaving or wrapping, two-hole beads have a lot to offer. These multi-tasking beads offer quality, durability, teamwork, and they won't ask for time off. You should hire them for your next beading project today. 

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