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Seed Beads Direct Is Born by Ron Henderson

Posted on November 21 2016

Welcome to the all new Seed Beads Direct!  I'm Ron Henderson, President of Wholesale and Direct Sales.  For over 17 years, we've operated as Auntie's Beads. But times change, and we feel the industry is well-served with broad-offering web sites and we believe our best way to serve you is to specialize and be the best at one thing.  We now offer the entire catalog of three major brands of seed beads: Matubo, Miyuki, and Toho, along with supplies for weaving and other applications.  We still offer great projects and videos.  Our prices and selection for seed beads are amazing, and we can offer the best possible service for your seed bead needs whether you are small or large.  Stay tuned, as lots of exciting announcements and additions to our lineup are coming really quickly!

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  • Karie Kavka: December 04, 2018

    I just wanted to make one small suggestion regarding your website.
    I shop online exclusively, and what I’ve noticed is most every website offers a “wish list” for people to “park” their favorites, or the things they need, but can’t afford until next month.
    It’s a little thing, but quite a handy little thing.

    Thanks for listening,
    Karie Kavka

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