Five Great Beading Products to Get You Excited to Bead

Five Great Beading Products to Get You Excited to Bead

We think these five varied yet versatile beading products will give you the extra inspiration you need to get really excited to bead. 

4 Pliers Every Beader Needs to Have

pliersEvery beader has their favorite tool.  They serve purposes from the mundane (Standard Flat Nose Pliers are kind of dull, ba-dum-bum!) to the down-right bizarre (Multipliars combos - are we beading or going camping?).  Even if you're sure you'll hardly ever use it, sometimes there is a very specific tool that you just have to have for your project.  It might just be that it's a trusty set of beading pliers.  So here you have our selection of the four that every beader absolutely must have a shiny pair of on hand at all times.

July 10, 2018 — Adam Henderson

Tools, C-Lon and Artistic Wire Now Available! by Shanna Steele

C-Lon thread and cord is top of the line when it comes to beadweaving and other craft applications.  Check out this summary of our extensive line, which we offer in all available colors and sizes at discount prices.