Three Beautiful Rainy Day Beading Projects

Three Beautiful Rainy Day Beading Projects

We're in that time of year where the weather can be quite unpredictable. Whether you're still seeing lots of ice and snow, or lucky enough to be getting peeks of sunshine already, there's bound to be rainy weather in the forecast soon enough. It's days like that, however, that are perfect for beading!

Here are some great ideas for beading projects you can get done all in one rainy day afternoon. 

Bead Chat Facebook Group

Bead Chat Facebook Group: A Beading Space

There are lots of great ways to engage in the Bead Chat Facebook group. Even if you simply want to share pictures of your latest jewelry designs and get inspiration from seeing the beading projects of others, Bead Chat is a really great place for beaders to meet and participate in their favorite hobby together. Let's get beading...together!
July 23, 2019 — Adam Henderson

Shopping Assistant 101

Shopper AssistantShopper Assistant populates your Wish List and allows you to shop directly off your list of favorites, view items that have had a price drop, get notified as soon as an item you want is back in stock, browse trending products and a lot more. You can even view your order history, read the newest reviews and share all the beads you're excited about with your friends. 
January 17, 2019 — Adam Henderson

C-Lon Cord and Thread: What Is It and How Should I Use It?

C-Lon Thread and Cord

Beading thread is an essential component of just about any beading project. Most beaders have many different kinds. You may even know one of those beaders who have an old toolbox full of partially used spools of every kind of wire and thread imaginable. (Or maybe that's you!) But hey, they all serve their very own, very important purpose.

New Silky Beads Have Arrived!

New This Week - Over 200 New Silky Beads!

silky beadsThis week's new arrival at ABD is huge and it's one we are particularly excited about.  If you're not already beading with them, these tiny diamond-shaped treasures are called Silky Beads and they are a great way to lend your designs a unique look.  
Czech glass silky beads are diamond-shaped two-hole beads that come in two different sizes - 5mm and 6mm - and 40 different colors.  The hole is drilled diagonally which gives it that groovy diamond shape.  Additionally, the two sides of the bead are different.  One side is flat while on the other side, there is a ridge.  At 0.8mm, they have a fairly large hole size, as well.

June 20, 2018 — Adam Henderson