You've no doubt got your favored online social hangouts. Perhaps you're like me and want nothing more in the morning than a nice, quiet cup of coffee in a big, comfy chair and a quick run-through of your favorite things on your favorite device? Maybe it's a quick check of the news or a glace at the weather before scrolling through what you missed overnight on your Twitter feed. Or perhaps you enjoy scrolling through and sharing in your go-to Facebook groups relating to your best-loved hobbies and interests. To be sure, these places have become a fantastic source of daily engagement and a genuine sense of belonging to millions. 

Facebook groups have also become a terrific way to learn and get more involved in the things you love to do. You probably already participate in many of them. At Auntie's Beads, we actually started a little group way back in 2011 which, for Internet years, was practically the Ice Age. You may even have heard of it or participated at one point in time. Our Facebook Group is called Bead Chat and it's one of our favorite places to talk about beads, share designs and ask for help from the beading community!

With over 11,000 members, all of whom are part of the beading community in one way or another, Bead Chat has grown into a pleasant little community all its own over the years. With incredibly supportive and knowledgable beaders, it's a place we're extremely proud to have cultivated for beaders of all levels of the craft. 

Even if you're already familiar with Bead Chat as a Facebook group, you may not realize that we now support the new Mentorship program. Whether you'd like to offer your skills and beading acumen up to other beaders as a mentor or you're searching for someone like-minded who can help you up your bead game, the Bead Chat Facebook Mentor program is a great way to become further immersed into the beading and handmade jewelry craft all while meeting new friends who share your interests. Once you get set up with a mentor or mentee, Facebook helps you along by suggesting different ways to help one another out and tracking your goals, helping you both succeed!

There are lots of great ways to engage in the Bead Chat Facebook group. Even if you simply want to share pictures of your latest jewelry designs and get inspiration from seeing the beading projects of others, Bead Chat is a really great place for beaders to meet and participate in their favorite hobby together. Come join us in our Facebook Bead Chat Group and let's get beading...together!

July 23, 2019 — Adam Henderson

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