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If you've been shopping with Auntie's Beads Direct recently, you may have noticed some colorful, new buttons and shapes dotted throughout your screen. Maybe you even had the courage to tentatively hover your mouse or finger over the cute little heart you saw and actually click or tap on it. If you did (you hearty adventurer, you!), you deftly discovered our brand new Shopper Assistant! Fortune favors the bold!

Shopper AssistantIf, on the other hand, you haven't noticed it yet or were frightened off by apprehensive fears of some nefarious Interweb goblin snatching up your browsing history, or worse, slapping your screen with an eerie pop-up ad for a product you had just spoken with a friend about the previous night ("Alexa, stop listening in on my conversations!), worry not! You, too, can bravely and safely open our newest helpful web toy and enjoy all of its myriad features. Just click that beautiful little heart at the bottom right of your screen and let the magic begin!

Pro Tip #1 for using Shopping Assistant is very important. Make sure you are logged into your Auntie's Beads Direct account before opening the user interface! Otherwise, it's just going to be a pitiful, empty shell of a thing that won't be able to help you at all. It operates based on your shopping behavior, so if it doesn't know who is logged in, it gets pretty lost. 

Now, once you've logged in, don't get too worried if you still don't see anything in the Shopping Assistant hub. That just means you haven't been telling it about all the beads you're interested in yet! The way it works is it collects all of the products that you like and stores them for you in one convenient place. Then, it gives you all the information and updates you could ever want about those items. Think of it as a Super Wish List. You add beads to your list by clicking the heart on all of the ones you fancy. Shopping Assistant populates your Wish List and allows you to shop directly off your list of favorites, view items that have had a price drop, get notified as soon as an item you want is back in stock, browse trending products and a lot more. You can even view your order history, read the newest reviews and share all the beads you're excited about with your friends. 

Shopper AssistantWhich brings us to Pro Tip #2. The more you shop, the smarter Shopping Assistant gets. The smarter it gets, the more it's going to improve your shopping experience at Auntie's Beads Direct! Don't be afraid to tell it what you like. We're not going to share any of that information and neither is our new friend Shopping Assistant. He's just here to help. And no need to worry about any long-term commitments, either. Liking something by clicking on the heart icon only means you might want to come back and look at it again, not take it home with you on the first click. And if you do get to the point where you feel that no amount of counseling is going to rescue the relationship, you can always break-up, turning off poor Shopping Assistant entirely. You don't even have to have one of those awkward face-to-face splits, either. It's just one click from the convenient Settings tab and he'll never even know why you left. 

We're hoping, on the other hand, that you get along great with Shopping Assistant because we really think he's the whole package. Once you've built up some significant shopping history and added a bunch of beads to your Wish List, it really brings the online shopping experience to a higher level. Just click the Filter tab while you're viewing from the Products home in Shopping Assistant to see all of the myriad options!

Shopper Assistant Filter

With all the beads and jewelry components on offer at Auntie's Beads Direct, it can be frustrating to try to remember where you saw that fantastic connector or the perfect gemstone for your next project design. Now, you can make a Wish List of items, view your browsing history, see reviews and trending products, get notifications for currently unavailable products, view items you're interested in that are about to run out of stock so you can swoop them up before they're gone, see beads that have gone down in price since you last looked and more all in one awesome little user interface with Shopping Assistant. 

Now that you've had your crash course, we'll offer you Pro Tip #3. Get clicking! Use Shopping Assistant early and often to get the most out of it. You'll be a master in no time, teaching Shopping Assistant 101 to all your friends!

January 17, 2019 — Adam Henderson

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