C-Lon Thread and Cord

Beading thread is an essential component of just about any beading project. Most beaders have many different kinds. You may even know one of those beaders who have an old toolbox full of partially used spools of every kind of wire and thread imaginable. (Or maybe that's you!) But hey, they all serve their very own, very important purpose. 

That doesn't take away from the fact that having a plethora of varying species of wire, thread and cord in existence can be more than a little confusing. From polyethylene Fireline and smooth Wildfire threads to leather and elastic cording, there are so many to choose from. And that's without even mentioning all that beading wire out there! 

If you're not already a knowledgeable beader with hands-on experience with all of the various types of beading thread, you would certainly be excused for feeling a bit of spinning head trying to figure out which stringing material is the most appropriate for your particular design. So, in this article, instead of creating an entire online beading course, let's focus on just one major type of beading thread and cord: C-Lon. Besides, I really don't feel like writing up an entire syllabus for the semester.

C-Lon Thread and Cord

So what exactly is C-Lon anyway?


A beading thread made of nylon, C-Lon is a slightly flat monocord which can be used in many different jewelry-making techniques from simple bead stringing to weaving, knotting, netting, crocheting, warping, peyote stitching and more. It is high-quality, durable and, as you can already tell, extremely versatile. Bonus: it's also inexpensive, which has made it a favorite for crafters of all types. 



C-Lon Thread

If you're used to working with C-Lon ThreadNymo beading thread, you'll find that C-Lon thread is similar while being a bit stronger. It comes in two sizes, AA and D, the smaller of which (AA) is great for working with seed beads, even the teeny-tiny 15/0 or Delica beads. Size D is what you'll want for your bead weaving projects. Its size and durability make it the ideal choice for stitching of every kind. 



C-Lon Cord 




C-Lon cording, on the other hand, is heavier and has been twisted which lends it extra strength and durability. There are more sizes to select from versus the thread, with four, and many more color options that really pop because of its soft luster. While it was originally intended for sewing, these qualities also make C-lon cording a wonderful option for macrame, stringing, kumihimo and more. 

C-Lon Cord

There is a heavy-weight C-Lon cord option for your larger bead hole sizes as well as fine weight and micro cording for those smaller bead holes. Best of all might just be the CLC cord which is not too slim, not too thick, but just right as one young fairy tale character could have observed (had she been a beader instead of a little thief). This more "original" size is perfect for using with LMA Magatama beads and 8/0 seed beads in stringing, kumihimo and macrame because of its nature as a versatile beading component.

C-Lon certainly has a lot of strengths, as it were. It is durable and sturdy, so it's not going to break on you in the middle of a project. It is not rigid, nor will it stretch unnecessarily. It is lightweight, which weavers will love. On top of all that, C-Lon thread and cord come in a vast array of different colors that really make a jewelry piece pop.

Whatever you end up choosing, you're sure to find a comprehensive selection of C-Lon products at Auntie's Beads Direct, all at the best prices available on the web. Try out the high-quality C-Lon threads and cords for yourself on your next jewelry design and be sure to share your beautiful creations with us on social!

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