Auntie's Beads Direct has a new website with many new tools and features that we're excited to show you.  While change can certainly be scary, we are thrilled as a kid on the last day of school to be playing with all the new bells and whistles!  

While many of them probably already caught your eye (Hello, shiny new website!), there are some new tweaks and additions that are a bit behind-the-scenes that you'll want to make sure you're aware of.  In the days ahead, we will be highlighting some of our favorite new features that will make your shopping experience even more fun and efficient.

Yesterday, we spotlighted our new Collection Filtering.  Today, we thought we would let you in on a little secret.  In fact, you may have already noticed it while you were shopping our new site.  Psst...Auntie's Beads Direct's new website is much faster than ever before! Allow us to show you. 

Web site speed

speed test
So did you notice?  The new website is faster than ever!  According to Pingdom, a trusted website performance service, test results document that we are faster than 84% of tested web sites.  

In addition to that, page load time is generally less than 1.5 seconds (generally speaking, being under three seconds is considered good).  Which, of course, means you're now able to shop faster and more efficiently for what you need for that next project design! 

Are you enjoying all of the upgrades on the new site?  We want to hear from you!  Join the conversation by joining us in Bead Chat, Like and Follow us on Facebook or email us at 

June 14, 2018 — Adam Henderson
Tags: new features

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