Auntie's Beads Direct is pleased to officially announce that we will be committing to weekly new product releases!  

Accompanying the debuts of these fresh additions will be original product introductions here in the Auntie's Beads Blog.  Make sure you check back here each week to keep up-to-date with what's new.  You may even find that we've got ideas on how to use the latest beads and components along with inspirational project pdfs to help assist you in your own original designs!

To kick things off, we actually have three new collections to share with you this week.  Stretch out your mouse-clicking finger because these bead lines are going to have you Adding-to-cart until they're sore!

Les Perles Par Puca

les perles par puca
First up this week is the major announcement that Auntie's Beads Direct is now offering the complete line from the French company Les Perles Par Puca!  Developed by the talented French designer Puca Annik, this diverse line of pressed Czech glass beads has become incredibly popular recently due to their uniqueness and beauty.

par puca beads
First came the original Kheops line of beads with their 2-hole triangle design followed by the other additions to the Par Puca line including Arcos, Minos, los Par Puca, Super Kheops, Tinos and finally the new Amos Par Puca beads.  One of the best things about these beads is the way they are able to be merged, nested and strung together with one another.  It really does lend endless possibilities to your own bead weaving designs.  Not to mention they're just plain fun to play around with!

It is true that Auntie's Beads has carried select Par Puca products in the past.  However, we now carry virtually the complete Les Perles Par Puca line, including the popular new Amos beads mentioned previously.  We are thrilled to have these fun and eclectic beauties offered as part of our Collections here at Auntie's Beads Direct.  Check out what others have been creating with Par Puca beads in our Project PDFs section and be sure and show us how you're using them in your own designs!

Carrier Beads

carrier beads
Also new this week is our line of New Carrier beads.  This European phenomenon has finally reached our shores here in the States and ABD is ready with a smorgasbord of available colors!  

Known also as 2-hole pillow beads, the clever idea behind these acrylic Carrier beads is to be a support, or "carrier", for peyote strips which allows for creating one-of-a-kind stitch designs.  Embellish the carrier bead by zipping your peyote strip and sliding it around the bead.  Blamo!  You've made a great new beaded bead! 

Intentionally designed for this very purpose, Carrier beads offer a fantastic new way to play around and experiment with your latest peyote patterns.  It only takes about 15 carrier beads for a bracelet and around 30 for a necklace.  Try them out and get to stitching with the new Carrier beads today!


Octo Beads



octo beadsOur final new product spotlight for this very busy week is the versatile Octo Bead!  Octo beads feature three holes which run parallel through them.  As far as their measurements go, these beads are 8mm across and 4mm deep.  With a slight indentation in the center on just one side, the octos can be optionally affixed with a flat back.  As you probably already surmised from the name, Octo beads do, in fact, have eight sides! 

ABD has a full line of colors to choose from in our Octo beads collection.  Pick some up today and try them out.  Don't forget to show us your creativity by connecting with us on Facebook  so we can see how you're making use of them in your own original designs!



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